Shaping change

The automotive dealership
is changing dramatically and rapidly

Many medium-sized, mostly owner-managed automotive dealership groups have operated successfully for very many years. Despite the crisis years and many changes in the past decades, the business has developed positively all in all, both in terms of revenues and sales. But change in the automotive industry is unstoppable.

Against the backdrop of, for example, increasing electromobility, changes in sales channels, digitization and new competitors in the market, we are currently experiencing the greatest change in the industry since the development of the first car.

How do you deal with these changes and transformation in your company?

We support you in finding and implementing the right strategy and the individual path for your company.

Everything that can be digital will be digital

Digitization is progressing rapidly

Whether it's customer or internal processes, whether it's dealing with suppliers, with used cars or with employees: all processes are becoming fully digital. It is important not to transfer existing processes to digitization, but to take new, modern paths. In addition to the task itself, change management - introducing employees to the change, work through and progress together - is essential for success.

Today, employees, partners and suppliers, but also customers in particular, expect simple and unobstructed processing of their matters and the mutual business relationship, and this integrated across any possible contact points. This will increasingly be the reason for entering into and maintaining a business relationship with a partner - or not.

The demands regarding speed of processing, in customer service, in the individualization of services, in the use of data for the customer experience, etc. are increasing sharply and this development will continue at an accelerated pace in the future. We speak of an "Amazonization" of business relationships.

The appropriate positioning of the company today decides on the business success of tomorrow!

Are you prepared?

We support you in optimizing and digitizing your business model. Here, the focus is not on systems, but on the further development and optimization of your internal structure and your processes.

Mann steht vor Wand und schaut sich neue Geschäftsmöglichkeiten an

New paths are urgently needed

Your customers and the market are changing

The automotive industry and sales models are changing rapidly. On the one hand, on the basis of political will, and on the other hand, due to changing customer behavior and customer wishes. In the future, the focus will increasingly be on mobility rather than on the vehicle itself.

All these modern mobility solutions are currently bypassing the traditional car dealership. The purchase of used and new cars will also continue to shift in the direction of digital business models. The purchase of used cars has already been digitized via various online portals.

Dealerships must adapt to these developments in their business model for future success in order to offer an integrated attractive business model and service portfolio for the customers of today and tomorrow.

Which steps have you already taken?

Together with you, we analyze the impact of market changes on your business model, develop the right strategies, business models and new fields of business, and bring them to market together with you.

boundaries shift

OEMs seek more influence

Via digital services and new business models, OEMs are increasingly gaining control over their dealership relationships. Not least the plan of major renowned OEMs to "demote" dealers to agencies and allocate margins to them leaves significantly less leeway for their own business decisions in the future and takes away a major influencing factor on their own revenue base.

In this context, it is important for automotive retail chains to explore new service, business models and thus sources of revenue and to consistently expand these, while saving costs through optimization and automation.

How will you secure your future earnings?

We work with you to develop your options for the future, implement them and support you in making them a success.

Abhängigkeit von den OEMs

The pace of change in the automotive trade will accelerate. If you want to be in the game tomorrow, you have to move today.

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